Learn, Design, Build

The Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles Team (UWROV) at the University of Washington is an interdisciplinary club where students make underwater robots.

Our unique mix of passion in both oceanography and engineering results in amazing ROVs and a fun team culture.

Our latest ROV, Barreleye, placed 2nd at the MATE International Underwater Robotics Championship.

Want to join? Let us know!

Who we are

UWROV was founded 10 years ago by UW Oceanography students interested in ocean technology and has continued to expand its scope to other engineering and marine science disciplines ever since. Our team has competed in the MATE ROV Competition since 2015, as well as supporting regional events through volunteering and mentorship.

UWROV members served as key volunteers during the 2018 MATE International ROV Competition held in Federal Way, WA, and returned to take 6th place at the 2021 MATE World Championships.

Most recently, we took 2nd place in division at the MATE World Championships and took 1st place for our submission to the NOAA Ocean Exploration Video / Machine Learning Challenge! We continue to give UW students hands-on experience in ocean technology, interdisciplinary engineering, and professional skills.

Our Work


Designs and manufactures the frame, pressure hold, manipulator, and other systems on the ROV. The mechanical team makes heavy use of CAD Software (Computer Aided Design) and rapid prototyping for precise engineering.


Designs, implements, and supports the electronic systems on the ROV such as internal circuitry, sensors, and thrusters. Ensures safety and functionality of ROV, making use of ECAD (Electrical CAD) software to design custom circuit boards.


Develops command & control software for our ROV, including pilot-facing interfaces as well as autonomous systems. Works with machine learning, computer vision, embedded, and browser-based technologies to meet competition specs and run the ROV.


Organizes outreach and connects with sponsors and media partners. Composes competition-critical materials such as marketing displays and technical documentation.

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