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The UWROV team also builds inexpensive ROVs using frames made from PVC pipe and motor kits as training aids and to promote the Pacific Northwest Regional MATE Competition. One of the PVC-framed ROVs that the UWROV team and UW Oceanography Department operate is tested in Portage Bay in the photo to the right.

If you want to build and compete with your own ROV, two competitions you may be interested in are the MATE competition and the Sea Perch competition. If you are looking for instructions on how to build your own ROV, two other universities that offer resources for novice ROV users are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brigham Young University.

Visit MIT’s Sea Perch ROV website by clicking this button!

Visit BYU’s Sea Perch ROV website by clicking this button!

Visit unaffiliated PVC ROV website by clicking this button!

Recommend Introductory Book

Build Your Own Underwater Robot by Harry Bohm and Vicky Jensen (1997, revised 2003) is 146-page manual written for upper elementary and middle school students. Note that only the 2003 or later editions of the text include underwater camera instructions.